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Colliers Division 1 men sign fantastic guard Chris Davidson



This is an exciting first signing (season 2014-15) for the team apart from Graham Hunter (Player/Head Coach) and Ross Rankin (Player/Assistant Coach).


Graham Hunter commented: “this is an excellent signing for us, he’s a hard nosed player who gives his all, he’s big on defence and a great distributer of the ball, really looking forward to having him on board and also to see who else we manage to pick up during the off season”.


We recently got a chance to interview Chris; this is what he had to say:


1. How are you feeling about the signing for the new season?

Excited.Hungry.Focused. It’s a fantastic oppurtuinty to come and play for the Colliers and I’m very grateful to Graham and the rest of the coaching staff for giving me the chance to prove myself which is exactly what  I intend to do. I watched and played against these guys last season and I think they’ve got great potential and more importantly great chemistry. The fact these guys finished second in their first outing in the first division and where unlucky to come away with a cup final victory as well is testament to how well they all played. In a nutshell I think it’s best to say I’ve got the fire back and it’s been a long time since I’ve had that. I’ve known Graham and Ross Rankin a long time and it’s cool that it’s kind of come full circle and we have the chance to suit up and play alongside each other again.


2. What can the Collier’s expect from you?

100% every time. I leave it all on the court, that’s always been my way. It’s no secret I play hard and that defence and intensity is a big part of my game. I just love to create for others which is why I love the PG position so much. I’ve got some personal goals I want to work on too with regards to my game but I’ll keep them quiet for now and hope they show themselves throughout pre-season and into the new season. For me the most important thing is the team and I want to do everything I possibly can to integrate with my new teammates and make us better and perform as a team. For me there’s no better feeling than knowing the other four guys you’re on the court with and the rest of the squad will give everything they have for each other to get that W.


3. Where have you played previously?

For the last two seasons I played for Oatlands basketball club in the same division as the Colliers. I really enjoyed my time there and played in some great games alongside some good players. Now I’m ready for a new challenge and the Colliers fits that description perfectly.


4. What do you for a living?

I’m the Co-Owner and Co-Founder of The Varsity Gym, a private strength and conditioning facility based in the east-end of Glasgow. I’ve been running the company now going on 7 years and whilst it’s demanding, as any self-employed person will tell you, it’s what I love to do.






5. Any comments on the NBA playoffs?

Yeah there have been some exciting games and match ups. Having caught some of the finals I’m kind of split on who I want to see win.  I love the athleticism and intensity of Wade and Lebron these two guys are phenomenal athletes and are walking highlight reels. Then there’s San Antonio, they play some beautiful basketball, their team work is ridiculous. When Parker + Manu are ‘on it’ I could watch them all night long they play with unbelievable heart which I love. Whoever wins, as a fan, you’re spoilt and makes for a great debate and viewing.


6. Favorite music?

It’s got to be hip-hop and Rnb. I do have a pretty open taste but I guess since I was young and took up basketball hip-hop went hand in hand with it. It’s what I mostly listen too while I’m working out.


7. Favorite food?

If I could get away with saying crisps I would lol. Damn things are my Achilles heel. We’ll go with pizza though, specifically Pepperoni. Not the healthiest choice for someone who owns and runs a gym but hey, I’m allowed a treat from time to time; it can’t all be chicken and veg!!


8. Favorite basketball player?

That has to be Scottie Pippen, without a shadow of a doubt. I remember watching him play on TV back in the day and was instantly fixated by his style and attitude. Even though his time at the bulls was ‘the Jordan era’ you just knew he was Jordan’s right hand man. His style of play was what I loved. A great defender, team player and an unpredictable attacker. At 6’8 with the handle and finesse he had with the ball you just knew he was a nightmare to play against which I loved.


9. Favorite film?

Goodfellas, that’s easy.  A pretty ruthless story but the acting is phenomenal, Ray Liotta’s character in particular. It’s funny in a really dark way but that’s it charm I think. A close second would have to be Above the Rim. I think everyone I knew who was in to basketball when it came out tried to recreate the moves in the tournament at the end of that movie lol.


10. Any further comments?

I guess just roll on the beginning of the 2014/2015 season. I look forward to seeing who else the team is able to recruit and I can’t wait to have that one training session prior to the 1st game of the season were everything clicks, we’re all hyped, focused, on the same page and ready to do some damage.

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