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Summer Skill Development Sessions


The summer is no time to relax if you want to improve your basketball skills, and that’s why we have scheduled skill development sessions for boys and girls between 10 and 18 years throughout the summer.


Coaches from the Colliers will deliver focussed skill sessions as well as manage conditioned games all with the aim of helping young players learn more about the game and get them ready for the new season.


Colliers club development officer Ross Hutton said, “It’s vital that players have fun in the off-season, go on holiday and generally relax, but I believe that young people like to be challenged, taught and have the opportunity to help them improve. I spoke to several of our young players about doing this and they were really excited.”


There will be a combination of skills practices and games with each session costing £3 per player. The skill development sessions are open to all players, not just Colliers. The sessions will take place from 2-4pm on Fridays at the Alistair McCoist Complex, East Kilbride.


Session 1, July 4th

Movement off the ball

with Ross Hutton


Session 2, July 11th

Footwork and finishing

with Aarron Mitchinson


Session 3, July 18th

Scoring off the dribble

wtih Graham Hunter


Session 4, July 25th

Defensive movement/team defence

with Derek Milligan


Session 5, August 1st

Setting screens/using screens

with Ross Rankin


Session 6, August 8th

Passing/fast break

with Ross Hutton



For further information please contact Club Development Officer Ross Hutton

M: 07780438198


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