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Catch up with Coach Rhona Mitchell


After a very impressive player coach role last season with the Colliers senior woman’s team Rhona has focused her attention to also developing and coaching this seasons under 18 woman’s team.


We caught up with Rhona for a short interview and here is what she had to say:



Rhona first of all congratulations, how do you feel about the new coaching role?

I feel great about it, I have a great group of girls to work with and I’m very excited to coach a national league team for the first time.



How do you feel the 2014/15 season will go?

It will be a challenging season as this is the first time any of the girls have played U18 national league but I’m really excited to see the improvement in the team over the season.  There have been some nerves in the first couple of games but I know that the girls will overcome these and play with more confidence as the season goes on.



Do you think there are any positives from last season as the senior coach you feel will benefit you and the under 18 team this season?

Yes, I learnt a lot last season that has helped me as a coach and hopefully this experience will benefit the girls too.  Four of the U18s stepped up and played for the senior team last year so I have already coached these girls for a year and am glad I can continue this for at least another year.  I also have another senior player Gemma Kelly assisting me this year so hopefully this continuity will help us, as we are not a completely new team coming together this season.



What has most impressed you so far from the team?

I can’t fault the girls’ effort and teamwork in their first couple of games, never letting their heads go down or having a negative attitude.  I have seen some excellent play from all of the girls and am looking forward to seeing this more as the season goes on.  I am also really impressed at the older girls on the team taking on leadership roles and helping out the younger players.



What advice would you give to any young players out there who want to improve as a basketball player?

Always work hard at training and ask questions if there’s anything you’re unsure about.  The players who are challenging themselves by playing above their age group will also see the benefits of this as they move up.



What advice would you give to any young coaches out there who want to improve as a basketball coach?

Take as many opportunities as you can to develop.  The more experience you get and the more coaches you work with, the more you will improve.  There are so many opportunities with the Colliers and Reach for the Sky so get involved!



Any further comments?

Thank you to all the parents and other supporters of the team who put in a lot of effort to allow the girls to take part and are always very supportive of the team as a whole.  The Colliers is definitely one of the nicest teams I have been involved with!

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