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Colliers dominate Eagles in local league 

SLBA Senior Women



October 29th, 2015 - Colliers started strong in the first quarter and showed their intentions from the first few minutes with Mitchell, Semple and McCusker being unstoppable. The first quarter finished 23-13.


The Second quarter continued in the same rhythm with Barr and Poulton taking the lead in scoring, ending the half 45 – 22.


At half time Colliers decided to play stronger in defence and stop Eagles from going to the basket. Playing a more aggressive defence forced the Eagles to score only 7 point in the second half.


At the end of the game Colliers had all the players contributing offensively and 5 of them in double digits.


FINAL SCORE:   SL Colliers 82 - Glasgow Eagles 29


Head Coach Maria Vasilaki commented: “The game was a great opportunity to put into action what we have been working in practice.”


“The players worked really hard and the result is their reward.” 

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