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National League Division 2

September 20th, 2015


Being the first game of the new campaign, the team were full of excitement to be back on the court after the summer break.


The game started with a flying start with the Colliers controlling the game in the first quarter. The team chemistry was on point and the offence was flowing. Defensively, the Colliers pressure was too much for Reign who struggled to get anywhere near the basket. The high energy that the Colliers were playing with led them to a 21-3 first quarter lead.


The second quarter proved more challenging for the team as Reign began to loosen up, driving to the basket hard and finishing several good shots close to the hoop and the game closed up with the score finishing 32-22 at the half.


The third quarter began and the Colliers had refocused their energy again pressuring the Dunfermline players tenaciously. The team began to use their speed to their advantage running the floor very well and finishing some excellent fast break chances.


Some lovely team continuity allowed the colliers to open the game back up scoring 35 points in the quarter and holding Reign to only 6.


At this point the game was unwinnable for Reign but that did not stop them from pushing the Colliers to perform. The squad responded and closed out the game with a comfortable win.


Coach Ross Mathison said post-game: “I am really proud of how the squad played today, they have been working incredibly hard at training, particularly working on flowing as a team and have been practicing new structures which they have picked up very quickly.”


“The basketball that they displayed today showed their ability both as individuals but predominantly as a team to pass the ball and make great decisions out there on the court.


“I’m really looking forward to the rest of the games with the squad and leading them to more victories over the course of the season.”


Final Score: Colliers 85 – Reign 40


Colliers next home game is on the 4th of October where they play West Lothian Wolves at the Alistair Mcoist Complex, East Kilrbide.



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