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Final score: SL Colliers 100 - 54 Renfrew Rocks


The Collier men’s first team set off to St Benedict’s High School in Linwood to face the Renfrew Rocks in the SLBA Anderson Cup Quarter Finals.


The game got off to a rocky start however the Colliers took the lead quickly finishing the 1st quarter 22-14.


The Colliers sustained the lead the full game and pulled away dominating the fourth quarter finishing 37-10.


Every Collier player contributed offensively all getting minutes and all making the score sheet.


High-flyer Michael Lynn top scored the game with 32 points and also impressed with many huge dunks while Captain Scott Russell also added an impressive 22 points.


The Colliers now move on to face the Troon Tornadoes in the semi finals, which will be played before the end of February.


Player/Assistant Coach Ross Rankin commented:


“I'm really pleased we got the win against Renfrew rocks tonight. The rocks worked hard for the full game, never giving up but our experienced players handled the pressure well and we were never in danger of losing.


“The game did highlight a few things that we need to improve on before our next cup game against Troon but I'm confident if we put the hard work in we will have a good chance at progressing to the final which would be a huge achievement in the clubs first year!”


South Lanarkshire Colliers v Renfrew Rocks

SLBA Senior Men Anderson Cup Quarter Finals

13th January 2014

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