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Division 3 Men in Another Down to The Wire Finish

Strathclyde Basketball League Division 3


November 1st, 2015 - After a strong performance against Lockerbie Tornadoes in their last game, Colliers were looking to play to their best to get a win against another strong opponent. Clyde Cavaliers are a very experienced and capable team and were certain to provide a stiff test for the Colliers.


Colliers played some great basketball in the first half. All of the things that they’d been working on in training were executed well and a strong performance had them holding a lead over the Cavs at halftime (Colliers 29 - Cavs 27).


Colliers full court pressure defence was able to disrupt the Cavs offence and Colliers were able to attack the basket when in possession with positive results. Despite the Cavs having a size advantage upfront Colliers were able to hold their own in the rebounding department which was essential to holding the Cavs scoring down.


In the second half the Cavs did well to play to their strengths and Colliers weren’t able to establish their rhythm early enough. This allowed the Cavs to work their way to a small lead. Colliers kept the Cavs within 5 points and the momentum swung back and forward between the two teams.


Down 3 points with less than 30 seconds to go Colliers thought they had a chance to tie the game when they attacked the basket, scored and there was a whistle. Unfortunately, the referee called a travelling violation on Colliers and not a foul on the Cavs and so Cavs took possession.


After Colliers fouled to stop the clock and Cavs made two free throws to go up 5, Colliers managed to score after a time out to get the lead down to 3 points with two seconds to go.


After another timeout the Colliers defensive approach worked and they stole the ball from the Cavs and, despite being in their own half, launched a shot that would tie the game as the final whistle blew. The whistle blew to signal a foul on the Cavs which meant, with no time left, Colliers had three free throws.


The pressure was on to make all three free throws to tie the game and take it to over time. Despite the first two being perfect, hitting ‘nothing but net’, the third was off by the smallest of margins and the game finished a heart breaking one-point loss.


Final Score: Colliers 57 - Dodgers 58


Head Coach Derek Milligan commented: “I was really pleased with the way the team played in the game.”


“It was clear to see that what we’d been working on in training was paying huge dividends in the game.


“Our tenacious defence and ability to attack the basket were the keys to us playing so well and we were very unlucky to lose the game.


“Despite the missed free throw at the end being the last chance to win the game, the game was ultimately lost when we got out of our way of playing for a very short time early in the second half.


“It was enough to give the Cavs a chance to get their first lead of the game, which they never gave up.


“Despite being frustrated and ‘gutted’ at the loss, I’m exceptionally happy with the progress we’re making.


“The squad is coming together, playing together and getting better together as a team.”



Playing Chryston Cougars in an S.L.B.A. Division 3 away fixture on November 8th.



Home games are played on Sunday nights at the Alistair McCoist Complex in East Kilbride, tipping off at 8.15pm. The next home game will be against Glasgow Storm on November 22nd.

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