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EGM Minutes 19/07/2017

Colliers EGM

Wednesday July 19th


EK Business Centre




1.        Introduction (Coaches and Alan Walsh).

           Chris Curle, James Ritchie, Lee Phillips, Derek Milligan and Alan Walsh introduced to the meeting.

           James, Lee and Derek were effectively given responsibility for running the club by Graham Hunter after the departure of Ross Hutton and himself. Chris has                since gotten involved and has provided valuable support. Alan volunteered to take a key role in looking at the club’s current finances and making projections                going forward.


2.        Review of last year’s accounts.

            Alan presented the current situation with regards to income and expenditure for the club’s bank account over last season.


3.        Plan for the session ahead: teams and competition entry.

            Based on the current players registered and the availability of coaches within the club, going forward, the club will have the following teams:


                        Coach                Competitions to be entered

            U10 & U12 mixed        Lee Phillips                     RDL

            U14 boys                  Derek Milligan          RDL and SLBA

            U16 boys                  James Ritchie           SLBA and NDL*

            U16/18 girls                Chris Curle             SLBA and NL*

            Senior Men**            Derek Milligan                  SLBA


            * tbc with Basketball Scotland

            ** The Senior Men’s team is to include any U18 players from the club to give them an opportunity to train/play



4.        Next year’s financial projections.

            Alan has built a spreadsheet to help with projections for costs for each team and the club as a whole.

            This is based on:

  • one training session per week for U10/12

  • two training sessions per week for the U14 and U16 teams

  • one training session per week for the Senior Men

The projected costs for August to April would be:

  • £20 per month for U10/12

  • £30 per month for all other teams

A new bank account will be opened to allow a better overview of the club’s finances as we move forward.

The work of the Fundraising Committee was commended - for the success of the recent Awards Night and the Bag Packing events that have been organised.

The Gadget Doctor was thanked for their willingness to support the club with future kit sponsorship and with the organisation of a Race Night to raise funds for the club.


5.        Discussion of membership, voting procedures and election of Club Officers.

            For the purpose of the EGM all those present were eligible to vote. The following were proposed and all were passed at the EGM.

  • The fee structure above.

  • The appointment of Lee Phillips as Chairperson.

  • The appointment of James Ritchie as Vice Chairperson.

  • The appointment of Chris Curle as Club Secretary.

  • The appointment of Alan Walsh as Treasurer.

  • The appointment of Derek Milligan as Child Protection Officer.

  • That there will be a non-playing membership fee of £10 per season for those who wish to support the club and vote in future AGMs.


6.        Next steps: constitution, development plan, Management Meetings

            The newly elected officers will meet to plan immediate next steps for the season ahead and look to produce a development plan for the club going forward.

6.        Continued…

            They will also schedule Management Meetings to help ensure   opportunities for good communication with club members about the organisation of the club going forward.


7.        Open the floor to questions/AOB.

            Positions within the club to be considered at the next Management    Meeting: Press Officer, Social Media Overview, Merchandising.

            The work of the Fundraising Committee will continue and someone from the committee will act as a ‘liaison’ for the Management Meetings.

            Arrangements for the Race Night were also discussed.

            The way in which the club communicates with members was also discussed. For now, each coach will be responsible for finding the most effective way to                   communicate with players/parents for their team but this will be looked at as part of the development plan going forward.


Attendance:            Elaine and John O’Boyle

                                    James and Danielle Ritchie

                                    Alan and Adam Walsh

                                    Lee and Reggie Phillips

                                    Scott Dennett                      Ian Young

                                    Chris Curle                            Derek Milligan

                                    Susan Wright                       Neil McGarrie

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