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Photo by Kenny Breckenridge

Exciting win for Colliers u16 girls vs St Mirren


December 6th, 2016 - The U16 Colliers Girls travelled to Renfrewshire to take on the St Mirren Saints in their first away game of the season in the Strathclyde League.


The game started at a slow pace with both teams struggling to enter any offensive rhythm. The Colliers first basket of the game came from #14 Natalie Clark with an impressive shot from far behind the 3-point line.


Despite this, the quarter was spent mainly trading baskets with both teams still trying to spread the floor and create effective looks at the basket. Colliers #13 Caitlin Bell provided much needed encouragement from the bench however would not see court time due to injury.


The second quarter exploded away from the previous one point lead held by the Colliers. Both teams switched up the tempo as Colliers girls gained many fastbreak opportunities from the excellent defensive work of #11 Nikki Assadi and #4 Georgie Gupwell.


Impressive moves and footwork around the basket by #22 Abigail Patterson added valuable points to the board. The team gained a comfortable defensive position with some jaw-dropping basket protection by #10 Katie Burn seeing the Colliers win the quarter 20 to 8. Half-time score: Colliers 33 St Mirren 20.  


Going into the second half, the Colliers girls were met with tough full court defence by the St Mirren side. With some turnovers in the backcourt and easy scores for St Mirren, Colliers had to call a timeout to talk things over. The girls took what was said straight into the game with particularly effective teamwork from Colliers guards #5 Katie McGee and #7 Alison Campbell to bring the ball down the court quickly and safely.


Late in the 3rd the girl’s defence became tired which resulted in unwanted foul calls. The bench was rotated more and more which gave players #9 Millie Tulleth and #51 Jorja Boyd opportunities to make their mark on the offensive end to close out the 3rd; Colliers up by 15.


Entering the fourth the Colliers continued to show St Mirren what they could do. The quarter seen yet more steals and fastbreaks which allowed the Colliers to extend their lead even further.


Ferocious offensive rebounding by #12 Rebecca Gunn and #7 A. Campbell allowed the Colliers to have extensions on the shot clock from their missed shot attempts. Yet more impressive shooting from #14 N. Clark and successful drives to the basket by #22 A. Patterson and #5 K. McGee confirmed the win early in the 4th. The girls played out the rest of the quarter well which seen all players play in the last 4 minutes of the game. The Colliers finished the game with 73 points and a display of basketball they can all be proud of.


Abigail Patterson top scored with 18 points, Natalie Clark added 15 points, Katie Burn scored 14 and Katie McGee added 10 points.


FINAL SCORE:   SL Colliers 73 St Mirren 45


Head Coach Christopher Curle commented: “As the girl’s head coach for the first time I really couldn’t have asked for more in the game in terms of effort and that was the key to gaining the win tonight.”


“Every player put in the work that was asked of them and all spectating parents agreed that it was a such a joy to witness the girls having fun and representing South Lanarkshire in a great display of basketball.”


The girl’s next game will be against Glasgow City in the Strathclyde Basketball League and will take place in Uddingston Sports Centre on Thursday 15th December at 19:15.





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