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Fury stands strong against Colliers

Senior Women National League                    



November 7th, 2015 – the Colliers senior women had a good start against the Falkirk Fury and were working hard on defence to keep Fury’s score low ending the first quarter 9-11 to Fury.


The Colliers were in high spirits in the second quarter working hard as a team and the pressure they were putting on defence paid off. The pressure on Fury guards from Ali McCusker, Kirsty Semple and Suz Burns led on continuous steals for the Colliers who created fast break opportunities and won the quarter finishing the half up 27-23.


The Colliers lost their focus in the third period and gave the chance to a very well composed Fury team to manage to take the lead and make things hard for Colliers, with Shannon Flippard scoring nonstop.


In the last quarter the Colliers managed to compose themselves again and fought hard for the game, but the experience of Fury players did not allow the Colliers to win the game.


For last two minutes the Colliers worked hard to close the gap in the score but a 3 point shot from Flippard again shut their hopes for a win.


FINAL SCORE:   SL Colliers 47 Falkirk Fury 56


Coach Maria Vasilaki commented: “Our poor performance in the third quarter made it hard for us to win this game.”


“We need to trust each other more and continue working as a team if we want to be considered as a serious competitor.


“We have a great combination of experience and skills in our players but we still haven’t gelled together.”

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