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Great team Win for the Division 1 Men


February 20th, 2016 - The Div 1 men faced Glasgow City for the second time of the season at Eastbank Academy tonight. The game started off with the Colliers taking control from the tip. Aarron Mitchinson started off the scoring as he, Jay Runga and Ross Rankin continued to score at will with City having no answer.


With the Colliers in clear control, they continued to run the bench seeing all starters go to the bench and bringing on the younger players to take to the court. They played well with Yann Siewe showing his potential defensively and offensively, finishing the half 50-42 to the Colliers.


The Colliers started off the half with the starters back in the game with tough defence from Chris Davidson followed by dominant scoring from Graham Hunter and Alex Dobbie.


Towards the end of the 3rd quarter the Colliers again began to run the bench seeing the younger players step back on the floor again showing their potential. In the 4th quarter Grahame Miller continued to fight under the basket with a good put back layup followed by a great drive to the basket by Jed Hawksworth.


The City starters began to apply pressure to the younger players in the 4th quarter closing the gap, as the Colliers moved forward for a 4 for 4 substitution they couldn’t get into the game fast enough, as the flow of the game subs were not called seeing City score again now only down by 2 points which forced Colliers to call a time out.


The Colliers did a great job in the final minutes of the as City began to foul the Colliers repeatedly to stop the clock with the hope of sending the Colliers to the free-throw line and getting the ball back quickly.


However, the Colliers passed the ball well limiting foul opportunities eventually finding Hunter who got the basket scoring a layup sealing the win.


Graham Hunter and Ross Rankin top scored the game with 14 points each followed by Alex Dobbie with 13 and Aarron Mitchinson also added 13.


FINAL SCORE:   SL Colliers 75 – 71 Glasgow City


Head Coach Graham Hunter commented: “This was a good team win, everyone contributed.”


“10 out of 11 players made it to the score sheet with four players in double figures so that was very positive.”


“We definitely could have played better at times and we will build on that but it was great to see the younger players in the game making an impact.”


The Division 1 men’s next game will take place on Sunday the 21st of February at Dalry Primary School in Ayrshire (4:45pm tip off) against the Ayrshire Tornadoes in the semi finals of the Anderson Cup.

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