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Future Clubz programme unearths future Star!


After a successful application to basketballscotland’s Future Clubz programme the Collier’s got straight to work launching in January 2014 in 7 primary schools within East Kilbride.


The development programme got off to a great start, as there was an instant buzz, as the pupils new they were practicing for the upcoming Future Clubz Tournament at the Alistair McCoist Complex.


“Future Clubz is basketballscotland’s official club development programme funded by Cashback for Communities which aims at significantly increasing capacity in a large number of member clubs, by supporting the formation of robust school-club links at the Under 12 age-group,”



The first school session kicked off at Hunter Primary School and much to the delight of Club Development Officer Ross Hutton in walked Laura Thompson.


Ross commented: “I walked into the games hall to prepare the equipment and the first pupil who walked in made me stop and take notice straight away. At 5’8 and 11 years old, Laura Thompson wasn’t easy to miss as she towered over her fellow pupils.


“As the session got underway I new immediately that I had to let the Player Development Manager at basketballscotland know about her. After a few emails back and forth Laura was invited along to the Future Starz camp in Glenrothes where the coaching staff would select players for their respective squad.”


Laura was very excited to attend the Future Starz camp commenting: "I was very excited but also I was nervous, as I only knew two girls who were attending the camp and when I entered the hall I automatically thought that I wasn't going to get in, as there were so many girls and they had probably been training longer than me too."


“At the start I staved my finger but didn't tell anyone as I didn't want it to affect my final result. At the end of it, I felt that I had done everything that I could do and was quite proud of myself.”


As Ross had hoped Laura was selected as part of the Future Starz programme and not only did she get selected for Future Starz she then was selected for the under 12 Scotland squad.


Laura commented: “When I had found out that I had made the Scotland team I was VERY proud of myself because I had come so far in the space of about eight weeks.


“I really couldn't believe that I had got in to the Scotland team and both of my friends Katie and Carla had got in so I wasn't alone and all my family, friends and teacher at school were very happy for me.”


Collier’s Founder & Chair, Graham Hunter commented: “Laura’s journey so far is remarkable to go so far in such a short space of time. “


“The Future Clubz programme was excellent and very well received, we’ve had nothing but great feedback.


“Laura’s journey is a fantastic example of how a pathway like Future Clubz can work to the highest standard, from talent i.d in her school session to club basketball with us at the Colliers to Future Starz and ultimately onto the Scotland squad.


“Laura’s success is physically inspiring to our youth in South Lanarkshire and we look forward to seeing it continue.”

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