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South Lanarkshire Colliers v Troon Tornadoes

SLBA Senior Men Division 1

10th March 2014


Final score: SL Colliers 62 - Troon 75



The Colliers started off very poor and in fact found it hard to get out the hole they dug losing the first quarter 16-7.


Troon dominated the game by out rebounding the Colliers on just about every missed shot, this led to second and third attempt shots for Troon, which saw the Colliers, fall further behind.


Despite a very respectful performance by team captain Scott Russell scoring 24 points and 10 points from Ross Rankin the Colliers had a very poor team performance, which led to a hard loss.


Jay Runga commented: “This was a hard lesson for us, but we can learn from it re group, lick our wounds and come back stronger.”


The Colliers now fall into third place of the Division 1 of the Strathclyde Basketball League and will face Troon at home Wednesday the 19th of March at the Alistair McCoist Complex. 

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