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Race Night 2016


The Colliers hosted their first race night in late October at the Miners Welfare in Blantyre. Those who attended made lots of noise cheering on their horses and really got into the excitement which provided a fun atmosphere from the first race until the last.


After the betting was over a competition to win the star prize (Family tickets to the Rocks, voucher for two people for Jongleurs Comedy Club, Bottle of Champagne and Bottle of Vodka) took place.


People took turns throwing a pound coin at a target which became really competitive very quickly. The winning throw came from Craig Hutton.


The betting was followed by some terrific dancing and some not so terrific dancing!


Overall, £756 was raised and therefore we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who sponsored a race, bet on a horses, made donations and supported the event by turning up.


We really appreciate the support!!!

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