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Rankin steps up to new Challenge


Colliers club Vice Chair and men’s division 1 player/assistant coach Ross Rankin has stepped up to yet again take on another role in the Colliers family as the newly appointed woman’s head coach.


We caught up with Ross for a short interview and here is what he had to say:



Ross first of all congratulations, how do you feel about the coaching role?

I'm really excited about taking on the role of head coach. It will be the first time I've coached a competitive team on my own and I'm really looking forward to the challenge.


How do you feel the 2014/15 season will go?

I feel really positive about this season. Both the players and myself have high expectations for ourselves. The team did a great job to finish joint 4th last year but this year we want to be challenging for 3rd place or better.


Do you see improvement in the squad since last season since you worked closely with them last season also?

Watching the squad last year I thought coach Rhona did a great job at challenging the experienced players as well as helping the younger players improve their abilities. The biggest improvement I saw in the team was the younger players having a much better understanding of the game from playing structured basketball on a weekly basis with the more experienced players.


What has most impressed you so far from the team?

Their commitment to getting better has really impressed me. Not only do they want to improve their basketball skills on the court but during the off-season most of the girls were working hard doing circuit and agility training.


What advice would you give to any young players out there who want to improve as a basketball player?

Challenge yourself! The only way you get better is to challenge yourself to do better. If you train in your comfort zone you will never make that step up to the next level.

Also don't be scared to fail, it's the only way we can learn and improve.


What advice would you give to any young coaches out there who want to improve as a basketball coach?

Ask lots of questions! No coach is perfect and we all have our own individual coaching style but we can all learn from each other. So if you want to improve as a young coach, don't be scared to ask other coaches for advice.


Any further comments?

I would like to thank the previous coach Rhona for the great job she did last year and wish her good luck in her new position as U18's women's coach this year. I would also like to invite everyone involved with the Colliers to come along and watch our games whenever they are free, we would really appreciate the support.



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