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Regional League Coach of the Year


Ross Hutton has now been involved in the development of Scottish Basketball for 21 years from coaching primary school children to professional with Glasgow Rocks. We therefore are very fortunate at the Colliers to have such an experienced and driven Club Development Officer and Coach.


Ross started his post as Club Development Officer in September 2014 and he has made quite an impact to say the least.


Not only during the 2013/14 season did Ross Coach the under 10s, under 12 boys, under 12 girls, under 14 boys, under 14 girls and under 16 boys he also worked very hard behind the scenes organising fundraisers which were very successful, preparing funding requests and organising courses for club members to take part in.


In this time the Colliers also grew into one of the biggest clubs in Scotland with 96 members (ranking 9th best in Scotland) and 8 teams, 14 this coming season.


Ross took some time out his busy schedule to answer a few questions and here they are:


Ross first of all congratulations, how do you feel about the award?

I always feel that receiving awards like this is a good thing but I honestly couldn’t compare it to the reward of being able to coach so many young players week in and week out. That’s the biggest reward in coaching in my opinion, but I am very thankful to be recognised in this way.


How do you feel the 2013/14 season went? What were the highlights?

For a brand new basketball club we exceeded expectations both on and off the floor.


It was a really busy year, which went by so quickly and in terms of highlights, it was at the U12 mixed regional development league when I put 5 girls on for the start of the 3rd quarter when they were faced with 4 boys and 1 girl in the opposition.


Our girls ran riot on offence and shut them down on D’. It was one of the best moments in my coaching career to see 5 girls who were pretty much beginners completely demolish a team made up of boys of a decent standard.


What can we expect for the club this coming season?

More emails from me asking for help! The feedback and support of the parents and players over the past year has been terrific and I look forward to working more with them to continue making our club better. Also, more wins for all teams!!


What advice would you give to any young players out there to improve as a basketball player?

Work on the things you are good at, but more importantly, work on the things you are not so good at, as you will become more skilled in these areas.


What advice would you give to any young players out there to improve as a basketball Coach?

Have a plan. Being prepared is the best thing you can do whether you are a beginner coach or not. This helps with confidence and will ensure that the players you are working with have a fun session whilst improving their skills.


Lastly, review what you did as self evaluation is key to getting better as a coach.


Any further comments?

I would like to thank everyone I have worked with over the past year at the Colliers and look forward to making this club the best in Scotland.

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