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SL Colliers v Troon Tornadoes

Anderson Cup, Senior Men’s Semi Final

14th April 2014 @ Duncanrig Sports Centre


Final score: SL Colliers 81-58 Troon Tornadoes



The build up to the game became intense with the semi final bringing in the biggest crowd of the year so far. Colliers won the tip off and immediately went to work playing great team offence getting everyone involved leading to a winning first quarter 18-11.


The second quarter was a lot more competitive with Tornadoes answering back with strong outside shooting and poor defensive spells for the Colliers. However the Colliers still finished the half up 39-30.


The Colliers outscored the Tornadoes 42-27 in the second half as they came out strong with Scott Russell continuing to get to the basket with ease and Michael Lynn dominated around the basket. Graham Hunter also had a season high of 7 3pointers made.


Player/Head Coach Graham Hunter top scored the game with 24 points followed by Michael Lynn with 21 points and Scott Russell with 20 points.




















Player/Coach Graham Hunter commented:


“It’s a great win for us, looking forward to playing Storm in the final.”


Every player on our team scored tonight and made a contribution which makes the win that much more satisfying.”


Troon did a great job they had a few players missing and they had some younger players out there who were also very impressive.”


The goal this season was to put South Lanarkshire on the map, we are here now!”


The Colliers now progress to the Anderson Cup final in their first year competing after finishing second in the league. The final will be held at Renfrew Sports Centre on the 27th of April at 4pm.

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