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Senior Women rule against Rocks

Strathclyde League    



November 5th, 2015 - Colliers started the game by scoring 8 quick points from Ali McCusker and Rhona Mitchell. Rocks responded with stronger defence and making scoring hard for the Colliers.


In the Second quarter Colliers were scoring at will but were giving second chances in scoring to Rocks by not chasing down rebounds. The half ended 20–35 to the Colliers.


In the second half the Colliers ran their fast breaks successfully and increased the scoring difference between the two teams. Rocks put up a good fight throughout the game and scored 6 three pointers, however it was not enough for the Colliers senior women.


All Colliers players scored in the game with score leaders Rhona Mitchell with 28, Ali McCusker 14 and young Sophie Neilson with 10.


FINAL SCORE:   Renfrew Rocks 47 SL Colliers 77


Coach Maria Vasilaki commented: “This game was a good preparation for us for our National league game in two days against Fury.”


“We had the chance to practice what we have been preparing the last couple of weeks.”

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