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On Saturday morning the Colliers were heading to Boroughmuir to face Blaze for the first round of the Scottish cup. The game started with both teams being very nervous and struggling to find the way to the basket.


End of first quarter score was 5-6. In the second quarter Blaze started finding ways to score, while the Colliers were making some poor decisions. Half time score 25-15 for Blaze.


Half time provided the Colliers with the chance to calm down and clear their heads, returning to the court determined to present their real abilities. With Rhona Mitchell and Rosie Barr leading the charge in terms of scoring and Suzanne Burns defence was solid in the third quarter finishing 34 – 33.


In the last quarter the Colliers performance improved even more and all the Blaze plans to change the game failed. The Colliers even lead the game with 16 points and finally won, a win that qualifies them to the quarter finals were they are going to face Edinburgh University.


FINAL SCORE:   Boroughmuir Blaze 39 SL Colliers 52


Rhona Mitchell, team captain said: “Maria told us from the start that rebounding would be key to this game and I feel our bigs did a great job on this on the defensive and offensive ends.”


“They were a physical team but we played tough and stuck together in what is only our second national league game.


“It was a great feeling to come away with the win, showing everything Maria has been working on with us in practice is paying off.”


Next game: October 17th, against Edinburgh University (National league game), at Alistair McCoist complex, 3:15pm tip off.

Senior Women qualify to the Scottish Cup quarter finals!

Scottish Cup Round 1

October 10th, 2015

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