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SL Colliers vs St Mirren WCS Buddies

SLBA Div 1 Men

November 27th, 2013


Final score: SL Colliers 102 - 55 St Mirren WCS Buddies



The Colliers div 1 men took to their home court with early domination in the 2nd round of the Anderson Cup against the St Mirren WCS Buddies with impressive shooting and defence finishing up the first quarter 28-12.


However the Colliers played poor in second and third quarters defensively and fell into foul trouble with lazy spells of defence. In the 4th the Colliers heated up and really started to show signs of potential to come offensively and defensively leading the quarter 37 – 10.


Top scorers of the game were Michael Lynn (30 points) Ross Rankin (23 points) Scott Russell (22 points) Graham Hunter (18 points) and Jay Runga (9 points).


Debut performance by Collier Michael Lynn commented: “It was a great game, really happy to be playing basketball again with a great group of guys, we have a lot of potential and are just getting started.” 

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