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SL Colliers vs Chryston Cougars

SLBA Div 3 Men

December 1st, 2013


Final score: SL Colliers 56 -39 Chryston Cougars



Games against the Cougars a week apart provided an opportunity to see if the Colliers Division 3 team could build on the positives from the recent loss. In the second game a week later at the Alistair McCoist Complex, the Colliers home court, saw a different game unfold.


The Colliers young players set the tone early and started the game playing aggressive defence that didn’t allow the Cougars to get into any offensive rhythm. A small first quarter lead would have been double digits if the Colliers hadn’t struggled at the free throw line or missed makeable opportunities created by forcing Cougars’ turnovers.


The rest of the game saw the Colliers start to grow in confidence and put together four quarters that demonstrated the kind of team play that will ensure continued success throughout the rest of the season. A 6 point loss the previous week was followed by a 17 point win on the Colliers’ home court.


Coach Derek Milligan commented; “I was very pleased with the contributions of all of the players that played in both games. The team showed an ability to build on the positive aspects of their play and address the negatives to ensure they could continue to progress and get a result in the second Cougars game that was impressive, though not surprising based on the abilities of the guys on the team. We have now played every team in our league and will look to ‘avenge’ our earlier defeats and try to beat those teams by a bigger margin than we lost to them. We’ll also be working on our free throws!” 

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