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Coalfields Community Challenge Dragons Den event


December 12th, 2015 - the Colliers have been successful with a funding proposal to the Scottish Coalfield Regeneration Fund with their Coalfields Community Challenge securing £1,858.


The Coalfields Community Challenge is an opportunity for constituted sports groups, clubs or organisations from eligible coalfields wards to propose a project or programme that will increase physical activity levels in their community.


The project will provide 5 of South Lanarkshire's Primary Schools with 4 weeks each of free basketball coaching concluding with a basketball tournament to crown an overall winner.


There will then be an opportunity for each participant to continue playing basketball with the Colliers competitively or with our club partner Reach for the Sky Basketball. 


Club Chair Graham Hunter commented: "This is a great opportunity to provide the Blantyre Primary Schools with a free project for their pupils to introduce or reinforce their exposure to the sport."


"We really appreciate the Coalfield Regeneration Trusts investment and look forward to a boost in membership."

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