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Colliers turn a tough loss to a Positive Experience

SL Colliers vs Edinburgh University

October 17th, 2015

National League  


Colliers knew they were going to face a very strong team and the challenge was to make sure we take something positive from the game.


The 1st quarter started with Edinburgh University pressing the Colliers with full court defence but the Colliers were prepared and reacted to that. However, defensively Colliers were struggling to stop the Uni team from scoring. The first quarter ended 15 – 26.


The goal became to keep Uni under 75 points. Fatigue hit the Colliers in the second half and third quarter ended with Edinburgh team already on 59 points. After 5 minutes in the final quarter Uni were on 70 points. The commitment and determination of Colliers players kept Edinburgh University on 3 points for the last 4 and half minutes of game.


Head Coach Maria Vasilaki commented: “they never gave up in this tough game playing against a very fit team.”


“Everybody had a very positive attitude and worked hard.


“The team is improving week by week and better results will come soon.”


FINAL SCORE:   SL Colliers 30 Edinburgh University 73


Colliers player Kirsty Semple commented: “We worked hard to reach the goals set for ourselves which we achieved and now we will take those achievements onto our next game.”

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