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Tough loss for the U18 Woman         

U18 Women National League

September 20th, 2015


The Colliers started the game strong, showing composure in offense and showing how far they had come defensively since last year by holding Ayr Storm to only 8 points in the quarter.  Despite being up for most of the first half, the Colliers only scored 6 points in the second quarter and ended the half down 21-16.


The Colliers were determined to get their lead back and mid-way through the third quarter they were back within one point of Ayr Storm.  However, fatigue set in for the 7 players and they didn’t manage to regain the lead. 


A lack of defensive intensity and poor decision making in offence meant that the Colliers game became very flat, with the opposition taking full advantage of this.


The fourth quarter saw the Ayr Storm coaches take off R. Morrison, who had played great defence throughout the game, blocking multiple shot and lay up attempts. 


This gave the Colliers confidence to go to the basket again and they went on a scoring run, with 21 points scored in the fourth quarter alone. 


However, it was too little too late and Ayr Storm won the first match up of the season, despite a massive 27 points from Valentina Palli, who was top scorer of the game.  The team is still looking for their first win and fitness and commitment will play a big part in achieving this.


FINAL SCORE:   SL Colliers 57 - Ayr Storm 71

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