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Tough loss in overtime for Senior Women

Senior Women National League 


January 17th, 2016 – the Colliers got on court with a lot of energy and creativity and 7 quick points that forced Blaze to a time out.


The first quarter finished with Colliers breaking the full court press their opponents put on for them and with plurality on offence finished the quarter leading 17 – 8.


The second quarter was balanced with each team scoring 13 points with nice basketball from both teams. Colliers played good defence and showed great teamwork that kept Blaze on 21 points in the first half, finishing the half up 30 – 21.


In the third quarter the two teams were struggling to find offensive solutions, then Blaze scored 8 points in a row and from that point on the game was going point to point.


In the last few seconds of the game the Colliers were leading by two. A foul on Ibanez – Lopez led her to the foul line. She scored both free throws and tied the game. With 6 seconds left tbe Colliers had the chance to win the game. McCusker drove to the basket but didn’t manage to score and the game went to overtime, finishing the 4th 60 – 60.


Two quick baskets from Blaze in the first minute of the overtime and bad offensive choices from Colliers put the team under pressure. The Colliers reacted and improved their choices on offence and found the way to the basket with McCusker scoring 4 points in a row.


Last seconds again and the Colliers had the last offence trailing by 3. Mitchell took a 3 point shot but that did not reach the target with Blaze taking the win.


FINAL SCORE:   SL Colliers 67   Blaze 70


Joyce Carey commented: ‘It was a tough game but everyone fought hard and stuck together.”


“We played well as a team and communication was key to our great defence.


Everyone stepped up when were on court, and even though it was disappointing to lose after going to extra time there are a lot of positives to take from the game.”


Next national league game is against City of Edinburgh Kats at 3.15pm at Alistair McCoist Complex on the 23rd of January.

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