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U16 Girls get first win in Division 1

Tayside Musketeer’s vs SL Colliers

October 24th, 2015


The Colliers U16 girls got their first win in division one at the weekend and took one step closer to staying in the league for next season. With a score straight from a perfectly executed set play at the jump ball the Colliers took command of the first quarter and made the Muskies work for everything they got.


Carla Crowther and Valentina Palli continued their good run of form on offence whilst Katie Burn and Katie McGee were the key to the Colliers defence. The Colliers looked like they could step up a few gears and seemed to coast through the first half when they should have really built up a more convincing lead.


The girls managed to pull away to a 17-point lead early in the third, but the relentless attitude and hard work of the Muskies pulled it back to just 8 points.


With a somewhat renewed attitude and sense of determination after a time out and some player changes, the Colliers turned up the intensity on defence and quickly jumped back out to a 12-point lead.


The Colliers started the fourth quarter the stronger of the two teams and some terrific defence from Abigail Paterson and Laura Thomson helped the team to a 20-point lead.


The feisty Muskies once again weren’t done as they battled their way to making it more of an even fourth quarter but it was too late as the Colliers maintained the lead the built early in the game.


Tina Palli top scored with 28 points followed by Carla Crowther with 24 and Laura Thomson added 10 points.


FINAL SCORE:   Tayside Muskateers 52 - SL Colliers 66  


Coach Ross Hutton commented: “It’s great to get our first win in division 1 and I am pleased for the girls.”


“We showed great strength in several areas and look forward to adding to the number of wins we have over the next month.”

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