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First National League win for the Colliers Cadet Men!



The Collier’s first game of 2015 started with an amazing performance from Cadet Men. They achieved a 25 point win over a team that they lost to at the beginning of the season by 13. It was a solid performance with all the players giving their best qualities and contributing to the final result.


Both teams started the game being quite nervous. Ross Hendry’s played good defence on a player 5’’ taller than him and he was the main offensive weapon for the Rocks which motivated the Colliers who ended up finishing the 1st quarter up by 6 points.


Calum Alexander was unstoppable, scoring 44 points in total, playing with maturity and leading in the offensive side. Half time found Colliers leading by 11 and a very frustrated Rocks team who did not expect such resistance from Colliers.


The second half continued in the same way, with the Colliers stealing the ball, as they never stopped attacking the basket.


Younger Colliers Alfie Memmott, Andrew Arrol, Lloyd Jackson and Adam Thompson had a huge contribution in the result as they fought hard with their great defence, which created many problems in the opponent’s offence and at the same time offering fast break opportunities.


It was Henry Memmott’s debut with U16s but his willingness to adapt to the team made him look like he had been playing all season and his assistance to the win can’t be overlooked.


Overall it was one of the best performances of the team this season. Players worked hard on court and showed maturity in their choices. They played as a team and should be proud of their improvement since the beginning of the season. However still a long way to go and plenty space for improvement.


Final score: SL Colliers 80 – Renfrew Rocks 55

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